How do I create a LilySlim weight chart?

A LilySlim Weight chart is a free custom graphic that you can use to keep track of changes in your weight. There are 3 steps to creating a weight chart. Create your LilySlim Weight chart:

  1. Choose a scene: Select the background you want to appear behind your chart.
  2. Choose a slider: Select the image that will display in the bottom right of your chart.
  3. Add Details: Select the chart type. Enter a title (optional), select your weight unit (pounds or kilograms) , set a goal date and/or weight if your want to, then enter the weight your were at different dates. After you enter each date/weight click on Save to store that weight. To create a chart you need to enter at least one date/weight set. You can enter up to 52 date/weight points.

Changing your chart size: Once you have created your chart, you can change the chart display size, by clicking on the Change size button and then using the Adjust Height and Adjust Width arrows to change the chart size. As you change the chart size, the code snippets are updated to the correct code for the new size.

Start using your charts: You can add your charts to many blogs, websites, forum posts, email signatures and Windows Active desktop, just as you can with tickers. Click on the links below your chart for code snippets and tips on how to use your charts for different applications.

Editing and updating your charts: If you create a free LilySlim account, you will be able to come back and edit your charts, or get a new copy of your code snippet without having to create a new chart. There is more about my LilySlim accounts in the My LilySlim Help section.