How do I add a chart to my Windows 7 desktop?

First you will need to install the LilySlim Windows Chart Gadget then you can add as many charts as you like to your gadget by copying and pasting the chart id into the gadget's options. Please note the Windows chart gadget is different to the Windows ticker gadget. The charts won't display on your ticker gadget and vice versa.

To add charts to your Windows Gadget.

  1. Click on the Windows 7 & Vista Gadget link and copy the chart id into your clipboard.
    enter ticker id
  2. Paste the LilySlim chart id into the options box.
    enter ticker id
  3. Click on OK, and your gadget will rotate to display the chart you have just added.
    update widget

You can continue to add charts, by entering the chart ids into the gadget options box.

You can change the order of your charts by, moving the chart ids around.
multiple tickers
Additional notes for using the LilySlim Windows gadget on Vista.