How do I add a ticker to my Windows Mail?

Click on the Windows Mail link to the right of Email signatures when you have created your ticker.

To install your Windows Mail HTML file:

  1. Open Windows Mail.
  2. Select Tools from the File Menu, and click on Options.
  3. Click on the Signatures tab.
  4. Make sure the boxes next to Add signatures to all outgoing messages and Don't add signatures to Replies and Forwards are checked.
  5. Under Signatures click New.
  6. Under Edit Signature click the radio button next to File.
  7. Click Browse and find your LilySlim html.
  8. Click OK and you are done.
NB: Your LilySlim sig may not be visible when you compose new messages. However, it will be visible when your messages are received. Try sending a message to yourself as a test. You should see your LilySlim sig when you receive the test message.

If you would like to have 2 (or more) tickers in your signature, you can edit the HTML file to include more image tags. Notes on how to add multiple tickers to your signature