How do I remove ticker from my desktop?

This will tell you how to remove your LilySlim ticker from Active Desktop in Windows XP. If you running a different version of windows this may still give you an idea how to remove your Desktop item. If not you could try a Google search with the phrase
"remove active desktop item"
and then whatever Windows version you are running (2000, 95, 98) and you will find more help than I can give you.
  • Right click on your desktop to quickly bring up the Display Dialogue or go to your control panel and choose Display.
  • Choose the Desktop tab.
  • Choose the Web tab.
  • Your LilySlim ticker page should appear on the list of items. Select your LilySlim ticker page and click on Delete and then OK.
If you just want to temporarily stop your LilySlim ticker page from displaying, but don't want to delete it; uncheck the tick box to the left of your LilySlim ticker item. This should turn off display from your LilySlim ticker until you turn it on again.