How do I add a ticker signature to my Mozilla based email program. E.g. Thunderbird, Mozilla, Netscape for PC or Mac?

When you have created your ticker, click on the Mozilla link to the right of Email signatures to download an HTML file that you can install in Mozilla based email programs.

To install your signature file:

  1. In your folder menu right click on your account and choose Properties.
  2. Tick Attach this signature.
  3. Click on Choose and browse to where you have saved your signature file.
  4. Click on Open, then OK. Your signature has been installed.
Set your emails to compose in HTML If your signature is displaying as text rather than as an image; it most likely means that you don't have your email format set to HTML.
To check:
  1. In your email program, right click on your email account name under Folders.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click on Composition & Addressing
  4. Under Composition select Compose messages in HTML format.
  5. Click on OK and you are done.
Please note, this setting only affects the format of originating emails. If you reply to, or forward an email it will be in the format of the email you are replying to.

If you would like to have 2 (or more) tickers in your signature, you can edit the HTML file to include more image tags. Notes on how to add multiple tickers to your signature