How do I add a ticker signature to my MSN Hotmail email?

Please note: It is no longer possible to add an updating ticker to your Hotmail signature on because you can't use HTML to add the image. You can add a ticker image but the weeks and days on the ticker won't change.

You can add the latest ticker image directly into your email. The easiest way to do this is to have two browser windows open one with and the other with your ticker or your My LilySlim page. The way you can add each image to your email depends on your browser;
  • For Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome:
    1. Right click on your ticker image and choose Copy or Copy Image.
    2. Right click in your email message box and choose Paste.
  • For Safari, Firefox or Chrome: Click and drag the ticker image from LilySlim to the Yahoo Signature box
Your ticker image should now display in the email. You can continue to add as many ticker images as you want to your email.