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About: Regularly enter your weight with the My Weight button to track your weight over time. Every day you can enter as many values as you like and the daily minimum and maximum value will be displayed as a chart.

Privacy policy and data security: Data is recorded on your device only. The information does not leave your device. This means:

Sharing data: The only way to share or transfer your data with another device (for example, you got a new phone) is with the Backup and Restore features.

Help: Data is not saving? If you use Incognito, InPrivate or Private Browsing your data is removed when you close the browser.
Fix: Do not use these browser modes when using LilySlim, or get the Android app for your phone.

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LilySlim requires the web browser feature indexedDB to function correctly. That feature appears to be missing or is not working as expected.

Best guess why:

Either way, LilySlim requires this feature to function successfully. Please enable this option and try again.