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How do I add a LilySlim Page tab to my Facebook Page?

Once you have installed the LilySlim app on Facebook, you can add a LilySlim Page tab, to any Facebook pages that you have admin rights to. Facebook Pages don't include your personal Profile, or Home pages. Facebook pages are generally created for organizations and shared interests. More about pages on Facebook.

To add a LilySlim Page tab:

  1. Go to your LilySlim app on Facebook
  2. Click on the Add LilySlim Page tab link.
    Facebook page tab link
  3. Select the pages that you want to add the LilySlim Page tab to.
    Facebook select pages
  4. Click the View page tab link for the page you want to add tickers to.
    Facebook view page tab
  5. If you have already added tickers to your LilySlim app on Facebook click on the Add tickers from your LilySlim app on Facebook link, or click on one of the ticker links to add LilySlim tickers to your app.
    Facebook page add tickers
  6. On the Add tickers page click on all of the tickers that you want to add to your page tab.
    Facebook page add tickers
  7. Click on the View page link to view your page tab.
The page admin users can then add more tickers by clicking on the Add tickers link, or remove tickers by clicking on the Remove tickers link and clicking on the tickers you no longer want to display.

The Add and Remove links are only visible for people with admin rights for the page.