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How do I add the ticker application to my Facebook account?

On LilySlim:

  1. Create a ticker on LilySlim.
  2. When you have finished creating your ticker, click on the Facebook link under the Preview image and then click on the + Facebook button in the Code Snippet box.
On Facebook:
  1. Click on OK to give the App permission to be added to your Profile (if you already have the LilySlim application installed with the necessary permissions you will not see this page).

    Facebook go to app

  2. You then have the option to Publish to your Facebook feed so that your friends can see your new ticker.

    Facebook publish

  3. Click on Okay to give permission to the LilySlim App to post to your wall. The Request for Permission dialogue box, only appears the first time you publish from your LilySlim App.
  4. The ticker image will then be posted to your news feed as a Photo. This is a cached copy of the ticker image, it doesn't update. Whenever you want to see or publish the latest ticker image you can go to your LilySlim canvas page.